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At Best Cabo Tours LLC, we offer an extensive range of activities to explore the unique and stunning natural beauty of Los Cabos, Mexico. From snorkeling, ATV rides, whale watching, off road adventures and fishing, to visiting some of the region’s most popular landmarks, we provide something for everyone. We are dedicated to the highest standards of quality, and only work with the best providers to ensure that your experience is the best it can be. Whether a public or a private tour, with our team, you can be sure to explore Cabo in the safest and most enjoyable way. Our Experts have spent countless hours trying out the various activities that the Los Cabos region has to offer. There are so many different activities and activity providers that it would take one person over three months to do them all- with NO days off in between!


  • There are water adventures like: fishing, snorkeling, whale watching, sunset dinner cruises, eco experiences, scuba diving, fly-boarding, jet skiing, parasailing and more.

  • The land adventures are also plentiful: ATVs, razors, Can Ams, horseback tours, camel rides, electric bike tours, ziplines, rappelling, hiking, eco experiences, glamping under the stars and more.

  • Bucket list adventures can be found in the air, such as: paragliding, parasailing, jumping from a plane and the ultimate helicopter tour of the arch!

  • Fishing is world class with opportunities to sport fish for entertainment or for cold hard cash in one of Cabo's sports fishing tournaments, the most known is The Bisbee.

  • Family friendly activities are available: listen to the whales with hydrophones, experience a camel encounter on the white sands of the Pacific, see what is in the water on Cabo's completely clear boat tour to the arch and more.

  • Food & drink tours are held in local establishments, on the water, at events, with private chefs, in tastings and classes, as well as dozens of specialty tours.

  • Here to party? Cabo will not disappoint you with it's endless Spring Break mode at Medano Beach, the countless booze cruises, live music events and after parties.

  • Golf is beyond recreational in Cabo and it is not uncommon to see the rich and famous among the landscape.

And that really is the shortlist of possibilities on how to spend your time in Cabo. It can feel a bit overwhelming knowing the difference between a dream vacation and an expensive nightmare. That is why we work with cutting edge technology to bring you the best experience possible. In just a few minutes you can answer some simple questions about what you are looking for, your group size, experience and expectations. Then our algorithm will match you with the perfect tour and the perfect tour provider based on your answers. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us in the chat button and a team member will be happy to help.

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