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Not sure what activities are best for you and your loved ones?  Our custom Cabo AI chatbot will let you know how to make your Cabo dreams come true! Simply ask CaboGPT to get started.

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At Best Cabo Tours LLC., we understand that every vacation is special, which is why we are dedicated to making your transportation experience as seamless as possible. Cabo is known for many great things, but transportation is not one of them. That's why we recommend booking your airport transfers early to ensure a smooth ride. Our wide variety of vehicles can be tailored to meet your needs, whether you're traveling with a group or solo. Enjoy the benefits of booking through Viator while earning free tours with our Loyalty Pays Program.

Cabo Transportation Tips

Navigating Cabo San Lucas is relatively straightforward, and the ease of getting around depends on your preferred mode of transportation:

  1. Walking:

    • Downtown Cabo is compact and pedestrian-friendly. You can explore the main streets, visit shops, restaurants, and enjoy the scenic waterfront.

    • However, walking longer distances (e.g., from the marina to the beach) might be less convenient due to the heat and uneven sidewalks.

  2. Taxis:

    • Taxis are widely available and can take you to various attractions. Make sure to negotiate the fare or ask for the meter to be turned on.

    • Hotel zones usually have taxi stands, making it easy to find a ride.

  3. Rental Cars:

    • Renting a car gives you flexibility to explore beyond the city center. Roads are generally well-maintained.

    • Parking can be challenging in busy areas, especially during peak tourist seasons.

  4. Public Buses:

    • SuburCabo buses connect different parts of Cabo San Lucas. They are affordable but may not be as frequent or punctual.

    • Buses are a good option for budget travelers.

  5. Shuttle Services:

    • Many hotels offer shuttle services to popular destinations, such as beaches or shopping centers.

    • Check with your accommodation for details.

  6. Water Taxis:

    • If you’re heading to Lover’s Beach, the Arch, or other nearby spots, consider taking a water taxi from the marina.

    • These small boats provide a scenic ride across the bay.

  7. ATVs and UTVs:

    • For off-road adventures, you can rent ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) or UTVs (utility task vehicles) to explore desert trails and beaches.

  8. Biking:

    • Some areas are bike-friendly, especially along the Malecón (boardwalk). Rent a bike and enjoy the coastal views.

  9. Boat Tours:

    • To reach secluded beaches or snorkeling spots, join a boat tour. These tours often include transportation.

  10. Uber: Uber is available in Los Cabos.

  11. Airport Transfers:

    • Arrange airport transfers in advance to avoid any hassle upon arrival.

Remember to consider your preferences, group size, and the specific places you want to visit. Overall, getting around Cabo is manageable, and there are options for every traveler! 🌴🚖🌊

If you have questions about getting around Cabo, ask our custom Cabo AI chatbot for answers.

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