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4 Cabo Fun is proud to host the world-class Cabo whale watching tours that everyone is talking about. Our expert team has put together some amazing tours that offer a unique and unforgettable experience. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling adventure in the Sea of Cortez or a relaxing time watching whales, we’ve got something for you. Our Loyalty Pays Program also rewards our customers with free tours, so make sure you book with us and take advantage of this amazing offer today! Want a personal travel plan? Ask CaboGPT to create it for you and then attach your itinerary to the My Itinerary Page in your profile for easy access.

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Cabo Whale Watching Tips

The whale watching season in Cabo San Lucas typically runs from mid-December to mid-April. During this time, the waters around Cabo become a bustling playground for these magnificent creatures. Here are some details about whale watching in Cabo:

  • Whale Species: Thousands of humpback whales embark on an incredible journey from their feeding grounds in Alaska and British Columbia to the warm waters of Baja California Sur. They travel nearly 6,000 miles to reach Cabo San Lucas, where they mate and give birth. While most of the whales you’ll encounter are humpbacks, you might also spot a few grey whales near Los Cabos. Whale sharks can be found just a short drive North in LaPaz.

  • Best Time: The season starts around mid-December and extends through early April. For the best experience, consider visiting between January and March. During this period, calves join their parents, turning the waters into their playful domain.

  • Tour Options: As you can see on this page, numerous operators in Cabo San Lucas offer whale watching tours. The timing matters: morning trips are ideal for those prone to motion sickness or families with kids, as the water tends to be calmer. In the afternoon and evening, the whales are more active, but the waves can get rougher.

  • Memorable Experience: Keep in mind that whale watching coincides with the high tourist season, so prices may be above average. However, the memories you’ll create during this time will be truly unforgettable! 🐋

For practical information, such as the best time of day for tours and where to observe whales, feel free to ask CaboGPT.

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